Kanab voters will be heading to the polls on November 3 to elect new members to the Kanab City Council. 

JIm Sorenson

What are your qualifications?


Proven honesty, impartiality and consistency in decision-making. I have and will continue to listen and represent all residents during the next four years, if elected. The following is a brief list of my qualifications. Four Years Kanab City Council Member, four years Kanab Development Committee Member,  two years Kanab City Planning Commission Member, Board Member for the Center of Education, Business and the Arts (CEBA), Board Member DocUtah Southern Utah Documentary Film Festival, Board Member and President of Color Country Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D), Southern Utah State University B.S. degree in Industrial Technology, 30+ years working in the following areas - Manufacturing Supervisor, Plant Engineer, Project Manager, Demographic Specialist and other technology related positions. 

For Hallmark Cards Inc. I led the process to complete On-Line Planning Tools, I have spent time as Councilman working with proposed expenditures,insuring their justification to be in the best interest of Kanab City  Developed and Implemented two Web-Sites one for City Governance and one for Visitor Information. Go on-line and see for yourself at http://kanab.utah.gov and ; http://www.visitkanab.info.

I believe the results of my past four years as a city council member has shown my commitment to the community.  I pledge, if elected, to continue my efforts to help lead our community during the challenging times ahead both economically and socially. 

Kanab’s assets

Our small town neighborhood ambiance, our heritage and our people are our most important assets.  Without them, our city would not be the place it is. Those wanting to settle here to work or retire have discovered these precious assets. Physical assets that we have seen developed over the past four years include our new swimming pool, baseball complex, city park facilities and infrastructure improvements.

What you would improve on or change?

I put a lot of thought into this question and realize my involvement in decisions made during the past four years have a direct bearing on what improvements need to be made. I will commit to continue to support and help insure that our city stays fiscally sound.  This perhaps is the most important process that should be followed. That the Jackson Reservoir project is completed, while providing a secondary water source for the golf course, city properties and school properties, this project will free up millions of gallons of culinary water for residential culinary needs while continuing to support our water conservation efforts, and will also provide a new range of recreational opportunities for this area. Continue to insure New Development pays their fair share in infrastructure costs. Protecting our heritage and life style will be a very important task. Balancing growth with increased diversification within our population base will be an opportunity for us all.  Continue to listen to everyone while balancing our community goals and future plans. Continue our effort in stimulating initiatives regarding economic development, putting our local businesses first. Continue recreation opportunities for everyone.  Continue developing Planning Tools that will include an interactive GIS Mapping system, Subdivision Ordinances, Design Standards and Additional Internet Development. Continue efforts to insure the 1-5-10 year Infrastructure and Capital Investments Plans support our Community Goals while being fiscally sound in those efforts.

Continue our efforts in maintaining a working partnership with our county, state and federal agencies. Continue the planning process for a City Senior/Community Center. With proper planning and fiscal preparedness we should be successful with this project.


Ed Meyer

What are your qualifications?

From 1985 through 2005, I was appointed and re-appointed by five consecutive governors as Director of Utah’s Rural Development Program. In this capacity, I worked with rural leaders throughout Utah to implement strategies to develop vital communities while retaining their small town atmosphere. From 1980 to 1985, I was the City Manager in Mt. Pleasant, a small rural town similar in size to Kanab. 

After my term as City Manager, the Mt. Pleasant’s Mayor appointed me as chairman of the community’s planning commission. 

Since retiring with my wife Kathy to Kanab in late 2005, I played a key role in revitalizing the Kanab Chamber of Commerce, established the Kanab Entrepreneur Forum, served on the organizing committee for the CEBA, facilitated meetings to re-energize Kanab’s Variety Arts Council and helped the Kanab Heritage Council create new events.  I hope you agree that an OLD DOG with a background of service to rural communities brings a lot to the table.

What are Kanab’s assets?

Kanab’s people are its greatest asset. Our families with deep roots in the community provide a stability and grasp of the local heritage that is critical if Kanab is to retain its unique rural atmosphere. Folks who have moved to Kanab bring their life experiences with them. These experiences can be drawn upon to help the community provide family sustaining jobs in emerging areas of opportunity. Without economic viability, a community’s heritage can quickly take a backseat to basic survival.   

Finally, our children, who moved away, are a marvelous resource to move back to Kanab bringing their education, experience and families with them.  All of these people are key to Kanab’s future and we need them pulling together to build a strong community. 

What would you change or envision?

I believe Kanab is not a true community. Rather, it is a collection of special interest groups who go to separate corners. Once they are there, they dig their heels in and refuse to listen to ideas that may not be consistent with their perspective. This isn’t how people in a community are supposed to behave.  

While we are all taught to love our neighbors, we don’t act like neighbors.  If there was one  trick I could give the people of Kanab, it would be to help create a community where everyone listened, without prejudging, to others with respect and civility. As we learned to communicate, we would realize that our neighbors want pretty much the same thing for Kanab and the stage would be set to build a better community together.


Shaun Smith


What are your qualifications?

My qualifications are that I am a current residence of Kanab and have the want and the ability to serve my city. I have not held any elected position before in any type of government. 

I do have a desire and the willingness to serve the citizens of Kanab to be their voice within the city council.  

What are Kanab’s assets?

Kanab is a great and wonderful place to live and to raise a family. The first assets are the people, and families. We have a great education here in Kanab our children receive great knowledge from school and from their families.  

The second greatest asset is our current businesses and the employees that work here. As a child I grew up with my family and returned as an adult because I value the values that are here. Tourism has been the lifeblood of Kanab for years, but we need to attract new and more exciting business here to the area. New business brings new growth of population and a renewed excitement to live here in Kanab.  

What would I do different or change?

First and foremost, I believe running for city council will bring new ideas and make a difference for Kanab. I have many ideas and I am motivated to do the best job I can. Kanab has so many opportunities that can be developed from new jobs that can be brought to the area. 

Other changes I see, we need to become more involved with our families and make Kanab a destination to bring your family for education and opportunities; to grow with a community to support families in that endeavor. 

While on the city council, I will make responsible decisions on every action brought before the council. I will also listen to all those that want their voice heard. I am very open-minded and willing to listen and make the most informed decision.  

Change is good for Kanab and we need to embrace it and be willing to help each other with those changes. Growth and employment are the changes we need.