Registered voters of Fredonia will be receiving ballots within the next few days to approve the bond necessary to move forward with the water project. Voting will be done by mail. Ballots must be completed and returned to be received no later than election day, March 10.

The ballot will hold only one question: can the town take out the loan (revenue bond), approximately $3 million, necessary for the $6.2 million proposed water project. 100% of the funds will be used for the improvement and expansion of Fredonia’s water system, including but not limited to:

UV Water Filtration system to meet ADEQ requirements for safer drinking water, more efficient and accurate metering, better fire protection including increased number of fire hydrants, increased water pressure, greater service area to provide for residents to the North and West, safer, more effective chlorination system, increased reliability of service including additional pipe to town which would be an alternate source of water should the main line fail and increased water storage to reduce waste during high collection times.

Additional funding sources are more than $2.7 million in grant money (does not have to be repaid,) $50,000 town contributions and $563,000 WIFA loan. Without the proposed bond, $2.6 million of the grant money will not be given to the town.

The revenue bond will be repaid through water revenue not through increased taxation. Water revenue includes impact, hook-up and service fees, etc. Increased water rates are not anticipated at this time but may be reviewed as necessary.

The bottom line is Fredonia’s water system is inadequate and does not currently meet ADEQ standards. Improvements must be made to provide for safer, more efficient water system to secure the future of the community.