The Kanab City Council reviewed amendments to the one, five and ten year capital investment plans and voted to accept the budgeted projects.

Next year’s action plan includes the replacement of the Kanab Creek Drive bridge in the Ranchos. The present bridge over Kanab Creek has been in existence over 25 years and has developed infrastructure problems warranting replacement. 

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has committed one million dollars to the project, leaving Kanab City to fund the remaining $400,000 of the anticipated cost. The city will address this expense by seeking a community impact board (CIB) grant for $280,000 and $120,000 in a CIB loan. The city has already set aside $200,000 for this project, which can be used if the CIB monies are not fully realized.

Traffic counts in November 2005 showed 2259 vehicles per day crossed this bridge with a projected count doubling that by 2026. The present bridge has a grade as steep as 13% with a curving alignment, both of which will be corrected to current American Association of State Highway and Transportation (AASHTO) standards in the new design. 

The three buckling 10 feet diameter steel culverts will be replaced with a 99-foot long double barrel 12X12 foot rigid frame, reinforced concrete box culvert. The width of the bridge roadway will be widened from 32 feet to match the existing approach roadway width. 

Curb and gutter, 6-foot sidewalks on both sides and chain link fencing along the top (perhaps to help catch the litter people like to toss into the creek) will also be included in the project.

Other one-year projects applying for funding include Color Country Housing at Mesa Hills for rent-to -own and self-help affordable homes – eight units each from UHC and USDA funding respectively. 

Flood control projects on Swapp Dr. and 200 N. streets using CIB loans; a new Senior Citizen/Community Center and a 12 inch water line connecting new wells to the system along with a main water line booster pump are also planned.

Alpha Engineering of Kanab was the low bidder for the task of updating Kanab’s Capital Facilities Plan to meet new state codes in developing a capital improvements plan, which will influence the reinstatement of home building impact fees in the future. Rosenberg Engineering of St. George submitted the only other bid out of five firms solicited. 

Carol Swapp, of the So. Utah Home Builders Association, will work with Alpha Engineering, who did the last CFP three years ago, in developing the new plan, which will be open for a public hearing before adoption early next year.

The five-year plan includes continuation of some items on the one-year plan and cemetery expansion, tennis court construction, a city office complex, Jackson Reservoir projects, city beautification projections and a north taxiway at the airport.

The 10-year plan is filled with water and sewer projects and Jackson Reservoir recreational plans, all of which will not be on the table until 2016 or later.

Councilman Jim Sorenson has been working on the city’s website to not only include the already implemented accounts payable site, but online acquisition of all city forms and applications or reservation requests, city ordinances and access to the General City Plan, Capital Facilities Plan and other city business. Accessibility will be improved with a new search engine soon to be implemented.

The city council approved the upgrade to fulltime firemen status of Dustin Jackman and Darren Coleman, with the understanding Coleman’s responsibilities as a Kanab City Police Officer takes precedence when he is on duty with that department. Coleman is also an EMT. 

Gabe Federkeil and Trevor Peterson were placed on probationary status with the fire department. Firefighters are completing a 160-hour training session upgrading their status, along with their skills.

Darren Meadows, a Kanab policeman for 2-1/2 years, and Teresa Clark, a Kanab City Accounts Payable Clerk, were both awarded merit pay increases.