There has been much written in recent weeks in the Southern Utah News about former Fredonia Town Manager Tom Corrigan; from not delivering donated food and having it spoil, to asking a staff person to validate a questionable billing, to using Fredonia Town monies for his animal efforts.

None of this egregious behavior was mentioned in the town’s recent agreement with Corrigan upon his resignation. In fact, the mayor and town council ‘thanked’ him for his efforts in our paper. 

What about  his consulting fee of $69,000 for continuing projects to completion for six months? How much did he make in the first place? My goodness, wouldn’t we all like to work for that? And why would there possibly be an agreement for no litigation on either party’s part? 

Why didn’t the Fredonia Town Board ask for the State of Arizona to look into the alleged wrongdoing? Having the town attorney (an aquaintance of Corrigan), look into it, jeopardized  a fair investigation, and was not in the best interest of the community. 

How does someone who works for Fredonia, or any other place for that matter, incur these kinds of allegations and get to leave/stay with this nice of arrangement? 

What has happened in Fredonia of late, has me amazed. I guess if  the Fredonia taxpayers, who have been/and are, paying for the accommodating arrangements are happy, then no one else should question them.