The Kane County Commission met on Monday, October 5, to discuss, among other things, the 2010 budget. Mineral lease funding is helping balance the budget at about one million dollars a year. The commission is also exploring the possibility of lowering county property taxes. However, they don’t want to have to turn around and raise taxes.

One aspect of the 2010 budget the commission reviewed was wages and benefits. They are hopeful they can make up a percentage of the severe cuts the county employees felt last year. Social Security will have a zero percent increase this year. Health costs in the budget are separate. They hope to keep the inflation rate below 11%. It has been 18%. 

Questions were answered on the purpose and use of the new Commission Conference Room, formerly Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw’s office. The room is to be used by attorneys on court days with the schedule coordinated through the clerk’s office.

The Municipal Building Authority met and discussed updates and change orders on the Emergency Services Facility building and the hangar, both located at the airport. They are two weeks ahead of schedule.  The commission is planning an open house in November.

 The Robinson Canyon Road was on the agenda, but was dealt with in closed session.