The Kanab High School drama department, under the direction of Mariah Wheeler, delighted audiences this past weekend with three performances of their fall masterpiece of a musical, Singin’ in the Rain Jr

Not only did the young thespians impress the audiences with their singing and acting skills, they put their best feet forward by tap dancing throughout the whole show! Singing, acting and dancing: a triple threat! Beloved character Cosmo Brown, played by the hilarious Corban Kerr, said close to the same words when speaking of the beautiful, yet untalented Lina Lamont: “She can’t act. She can’t sing. And she can’t dance. A triple threat!” The opposite was true of this delightful cast: They could sing, they could act and they could dance! 

Mikayla Jones, playing the role of movie starlet Lina Lamont, didn’t miss a beat with her spot-on impersonation of the dim-witted character from the sensational 1952 screenplay, while Dallin Corry gave Gene Kelly a run for his money, as he did a fantastic job in his role of Don Lockwood, a Hollywood star during the silent movie era. 

Miss  Madison Patton portrayed the role of the sweet and talented stage actress Kathy Seldon with grace and apparent ease, as she sang her way straight to the heart of the Hollywood heartthrob Lockwood.

The supporting cast was full of energy, donned beautiful costumes reflective of the “talkies” era and brought the audience to their feet for a standing ovation three nights in a row.

The student stage, sound and lighting crews are not to be forgotten for their indispensable contribution in making this production the best it could possibly be. 

We look forward to what this talented group has to offer in future KHS drama productions to come!