The regularly scheduled Kane County Commission meeting had to be held twice. The agenda was posted locally, however it did not get posted on the state website. Therefore, all who were present were heard, however no action was taken until the second meeting.

The commission approved Resolution 2009-22 opposing the cap and trade bill. The county opposes any federal legislation including cap and trade legislation if it imposes financial burdens on our nation’s free enterprise system and its people.

North Kaibab Forest Manager Tim Short and Patrick Lair updated the commission on planning efforts with the Warm Fire Recovery of 10,000 salvageable logs. It is in litigation at this time because of concern about the impact to soils with salvage logging.

The Jacob Ryan project will be back out for public review by the end of the month. There is conflict over the diameter cap of 18” logs. The critics want 12.”

The Forest Plan Revision, which has been in process for several years, is ready for public meetings, work groups and focus groups to discuss local concerns.

Travel management on the Kaibab National Forest has public meetings planned for this fall.

On the uranium issue, most of the Tusyan District is not in the Kaibab National Forest, but is in the BLM District. The BLM is taking the lead on Environmental Impact Studies. Most of the area was originally set aside by President Theodore Roosevelt. On Wednesday, September 30, the BLM will host a public information meeting regarding the two year moratorium on mining at Fredonia Elementary School from 6 to 8 p.m. 

Finally, an Environmental Assessment is coming for the proposed new Ranger Station in Tanglefoot.

In other business, Dave Owens reported that local law enforcement ran 13,000 feet of wire to 100 jacks at the new EMS Building at the airport. “Kudos to them. They did a fantastic job,” said Owens. Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover complimented Dave Owens for his organization. “The crew knew what to do and got it done.”

Owens also reported 911 is over budget, due to unexpected maintenance expenses not budgeted for. However, there is enough money in the surplus fund to cover it. Down the road in a few years, 911 will cost more than it takes in to provide 911 services. Currently, they are working on cell phone 911 to identify location on GPS. On home phones the address comes up. That is not the case with cell phones when 911 is dialed.

There is an issue with the Gubler Road closure. It is on private property with a subdivision on each side. The road was never platted or on a map. The owner is willing to sell to the county at market value. If not, then the owner wants to keep the private road private. Gubler says he has put up fences that have been taken down. Commissioner Doug Heaton recommended the county do an appraisal and pay market value. The case was discussed in closed session, however to date no action taken.

The Municipal Building Authority (commissioners) met with Tom Avant and Deputy Tracy Glover for updates and change orders on the ES Training Facility and the hangar. A change order was made for additional cabinets. They are watching the budget closely. An Open House is planned in the future to show the public the new facility. No date has been set yet. They want to show the public a nice new facility that took no money from the General Fund or from property taxes.

RFP’s for the Public Safety Facility (new jail) were due on September 18. They were opened the following Monday and the decision will be made on Monday, September 28.

A motion to fill a vacancy on the Resource Committee was approved. Also approved was a change in the by-laws on attendance so the committee can fulfill its duties. Commissioner Daniel Hulet reminded everyone how much the county appreciates volunteers and people’s willingness to serve.

The commission appointed Chairman Hulet to draft a letter to Interior Secretary Salazar stating Kane County wants to be a co-operating agency on the Canyon Land Impress Account. Kane County wants to be a cooperating agency because the closure affects us economically.

Also approved was Resolution 2009-23 rescheduling the public hearing on the creation of Canyon Land SSD from October 12 to October 19.

The commission approved the recommendation of the Land Use Authority on several planning and zoning issues; lot line adjustments of lots 79, 81 and 83 in Zion View Mountain Estates. Also approved was a zone change from commercial to residential one half non-conforming for Linda Kloepfer. An amended plat of Strawberry Pines, unit A for Tereese A. C. Pringle, joining lots was also approved.

On personnel, Cami Macias received a grade change from 12C to 13C in the Clerk/Auditors Office. She has completed training and it was budgeted for.

Brigette Mackey was hired to replace retired Ann McGuire in the Attorney’s Office.