The Kane County Hospital Board is pleased to announce it has renewed Sherrie Pandya’s contract as hospital administrator.

According to Dottie Ratzlaff, Hospital Board chairperson, the board is very pleased with Pandya’s dedication, hard work, and positive attitude on behalf of the hospital and our community.

“When Sherrie was first hired, no one really knew what a gem she would be. She has loved the hospital from day one and she has given her all to its administration,” Ratzlaff said.

Ratzlaff attributed part of Pandya’s dedication to the hospital to the close connections of her husband, Avnish Pandya, to the Kane County medical community.

“I think Sherrie feels that she is fulfilling part of Avnish’s legacy by putting so much heart and soul, and so many long hours, into her service at the hospital,” added Ratzlaff.

Anvish Pandya, a well-loved local physician, passed away in 2007.

“Thanks in large part to Sherrie’s hard work, we are now only a couple of details away from being a fully-qualified Critical Access Hospital,” Ratzlaff said.