This Cowboy cross country season has started off better than any other! The team that once consisted of a few boys, and even fewer girls, has reached new heights this year with 18 runners. For cross country, that is more than a full team. It’s not only quantity of runners we have this year, it’s also quality! 

Some may think cross country is purely an individual sport, but it is very much a team sport. When everyone has finished the race, their finishing places are used as points and added up for the first five runners on the team. The team with the lowest score wins. 

On September 16, our team competed in Enterprise. Finishing on our boy’s team, we had Matt Vaughn taking 4th, Aaron Downward placed 5th, David Kirby came in 6th, and Yanni Gallagher finished 10th. 

Although we didn’t have an individual first place, we were still the victorious team at the end of the day. Our boy’s team placed first and received a trophy. 

The girls were few in number at this particular meet, but Lyndsey Robinson still managed to place 6th in varsity, even though she had been sick! 

Our next meet was at Cross Creek where Aaron Downward came in 3rd, Matt Vaughn 5th, and David Kirby 6th for the boys.

 The girls actually had a full team at this meet and placed fairly well! Lyndsey Robinson placed 2nd, Chelsea Vreeken finished 7th, Mariah Clayson took 8th, and Jasmine Weiss came in 9th. Seven medals decorated our bus on the ride home.

Even when dilemmas stood in the way, our Cowboys still came out victorious. During our most recent meet on September 23, several of the boy’s shoelaces came untied. The boys kept running, even with the possibility of tripping and losing their place, which in this sport can result in a dire ending for the runner and the team.

One of the most extraordinary finishes I’ve seen in a long time was made by Abbey Daley. Daley was set for a beautiful finish, just ahead of a Hurricane runner. It is important to note Hurricane is 3A rated, while Kanab is only 2A. Unfortunately, Daley was told to turn off into the wrong area. To most, this could have been quite the setback, but she quickly reversed and sprinted to the end, passing and finishing before the Hurricane runner by a long shot!

Our cross country team is more amazing with each passing practice, and each passing meet. Many of the runners have improved their times from one meet to the next by two to three minutes!

The next cross country meet is today, September 30 at 5 p.m. at the Ranchos Park. Come and support our runners. And way to go cross country!