Arizona’s Sandra Day O’Connor made history on September 25, 1981, when she was sworn in as the first female Supreme Court Justice. In honor of this occasion, Arizona has designated September 25 as Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Celebration Day. Arizona Governor Ducey describes this as “… a day in which the majority of the classroom instruction is devoted to civics.”

Fredonia Elementary School grades first through third celebrated Civics Day by visiting the Fredonia Town Office on September 24.

Firefighter Brandon Tait conducted a tour of the firehouse – and with the help of a few other members of the volunteer fire department – demonstrated the different types of gear a firefighter uses, and the various situations in which such gear may be utilized. Students were given the chance to closely examine and hold a few items of gear, and felt first-hand how heavy the protective uniforms are.

Tait presented the different vehicles used by the fire department, and explained how and why each is used. To the delight of the students, the firehouse tour concluded with a demonstration of the fire truck’s lights and sirens.

Officer JD Horlacher presented his police truck, and showed the children the modifications that make his truck special. Horlacher introduced his narcotics dog and allowed the students to pet the dog two-by-two.

Next, the students met Judge Serena Cutchen. Cutchen explained what she does, and the requirements for becoming a judge and Justice of the Peace in the Town of Fredonia. The students were most interested in what happens to the “bad guys,” and Judge Cutchen obligingly answered their questions.

Mayor Kimley Purvis then introduced herself and explained the role of the mayor, as well as how to become a mayor. She spoke briefly about how a mayor is elected, as well as many other government leaders.

Librarian Lisa Findlay followed Purvis and expounded on the hows and whys of the voting process. Findlay explained this is a presidential election year, and talked about what that meant. Two voting booths were set up, and each student cast his or her vote for who they thought should be the next U.S. President. It was a simple ballot featuring Donald Trump and Joe Biden. After the votes were tallied it was revealed that Donald Trump had the majority vote.

The students were each given a bag for the walk back to the school, and they practiced being good citizens by filling up their bags with trash they found along the way.

Thank you to the Fredonia Fire Department, Marshal’s Office, Town Court and Town Office for a fun day learning about civics!