Texas’ loss was most assuredly Utah’s gain! The two couples Jeff and Britt Roth, along with parents Rick and Meryl Kessel, recently opened up their dream – the Dark Sky RV Park, just east of Kanab.

Besides their RV park endeavor, in the short time they’ve lived here, they have all been great contributors to area civic and cultural events.

The two couples have worked hard on the beautiful property, and a sign in the RV park’s common area says it all – ‘Dreams Come True.’

“We were tried of living in Austin, so we moved into an RV and began traveling. During my husband and my extensive RV travels,” said Britt Roth, “we had come through this area and fell in love with the natural beauty. It didn’t take much to convince mom and dad to move here as well.”

Britt and Jeff Roth said their travels gave them plenty of ideas on what they liked and what they didn’t about different parks. So the two couples bought the scenic land, and set about building their Dark Sky RV Park!

Both couples also live on-site in RV’s, so campers won’t have to go far if they have any questions about our scenic area. Britt and Jeff also have their two children, Royce and Finn, with them.

With two managing couples, the situation allows for occasional time off to explore the area and enjoy new adventures.

On the spacious 40 acre property, there are 18 RV sites and 10 tent/van slots.

Another thing learned from their traveling experience is the value of space. “We are offering space,” said Roth, “which is not typical at an RV park. Each RV guest gets at least 75 feet of their own space before they see their neighbor.”

One big selling point of the RV park is the dark skies! Roth said they have taken that fact seriously. “We have downward lighting with filtered LEDs and lights that are dimmable or turned off completely at night, to be sure our guests can fully experience the night sky. It’s respect for nature, and let’s guests know this is our land.”

Roth is especially proud of the bathrooms, which if you are a camper, you know the import. “These are five star bathrooms! We have two private bath suites, each with a toilet, sink and indoor or outdoor shower option, with temperature controlled settings and heated flooring.”

There is also a laundry and dishwashing and watering station on site. They also hope to eventually have movie nights, kids craft activities and community events.

Dark Sky RV Park’s address is 2270 E. Mountainview Drive, Kanab, Utah 84741. Questions may be directed to 435-644-3491. E-mail is Hello@darkskyrv.com.

Sometimes dreams do come true, and Dark Sky RV Park is proof!