O’Connor Dale (r) was the winner of week #1 in the Southern Utah News Pigskin Predictions football contest. Dale (he really is smiling under his mask) picked eight of 10 correctly to win a $50 gift card to Glazier’s Family Market from manager Jay Mickelse

Four players had seven right – Kelly Brown, Pat Blankenship, Daniel Gilberg and Mike Kinney. Kelly, at least you beat your brother Neal. Neal does have bragging rights in the Garkane Energy office though, as he had more correct than Alivia Swapp. How many did you get right, Alivia?

Andrea Gilberg, what happened? You let Daniel beat you! That’s got to be a first.

Pat Blankenship, I didn’t see Homer’s entry last week, is he giving you a head start on the overall grand prize?

Jo McFadden, you didn’t do too bad the first week, but really Western Kentucky over Louisville? Matt’s phone must have been busy when you called him for advice.

And Jerry Hermansen, you picked two upsets correctly, Georgia Tech over Florida State and Coastal Carolina over Kansas, but you still only had five right! You should know better than to pick against my Packers.

I did notice a few people from last year who didn’t play the first week. Come on now, get your entries in this week. Mike “By God” Davis, I’m talking to you!