Over 2.1 million people marched on Washington, D.C. on September 12, 2009 at the 912 Project Tax Payer. Among the concerned Americans were Sandra Saint and Shawna Cox. The local UTAZ Patriots representatives made the trip to express their concerns about the state of the country.

Cox explained the demonstration was a demand to the President, Congress, Senate and all elected officials “to honor their oaths and uphold the Constitution of America.”

According to Cox, the attendance far exceeded expectations, “We needed a million [people] so they would pay attention to us… we had so many people they had to start the march an hour and a half early.”

The streets of the city were shut down with demonstrators bringing their frustrations to the Capitol. The event was not comprised of Democrats or Republicans, but of Americans. Cox stated it was a peaceful, but necessary, demonstration.

For more information on the UTAZ Patriots or how to get involved, contact Shawna Cox at 644-2164.