While many of us have been moderately dormant for the past five months, Kanab City has been going full forward with planned improvements! Several large water and flood control projects have been underway, most primarily grant-funded.

Kanab City Manager Joe Decker, who has been with the city for seven years, stopped by to share an update on different projects. He credited Mayor Robert Houston, the city council and city workers for diligence on the projects.

One large city project is flood control in Tom’s Canyon, where the LaEstancia and El Pueblo housing/condo units are. With a large build-out there, the area has had several problems in recent years, with monsoon floods and water diversion routes inundated during heavy rains. Sand-bagging, mopping and full storm drains have been the norm; but the city is approaching and attempting to deal with those issues.

“We were able to secure a partial grant to slow down flood waters if they come,” said Decker. The funds were from the Natural Resource Conservation Services, and the grant covered 75 percent of the cost.

There has also been flood control at Squaw Trail basin just north of Jacob Hamblin Park and the baseball fields.

Another huge project was flood control diversion in the Cedar Heights subdivision, where major flooding also has been occurring during large rainfalls. Tons of rock were used to divert the water down to Kanab Creek.

Next up is a culinary water project. There will be two, two million gallon water tanks to support 18,000 feet of water lines. This was funded with a low interest loan by the United States Department of Agriculture. This project is expected to get underway on August 26.