The regular Kanab City Council meeting on September 22 was preceded by a work meeting conducted by the Utah Risk Management Association’s Dean Steel. He covered topics associated with governing bodies’ exposure to liability situations in the course of conducting business. The URMMA was established in 1986 and currently 26 cities are members.

They cautioned the KCC members to excuse themselves entirely from any proceedings where it could be construed that the council member had a conflict of interest. “This is a situation where a decision on an issue, one way or the other, could benefit that person in some way,” said Steel. “Public business needs to be conducted before the public.” He went on to say, “and in smaller communities it’s too easy to get yourself in trouble just by talking to a friend, family member, or neighbor about controversial issues involving that person.” 

State laws regarding conflict of interest basically state that all a political figure has to do is disclose their relationship with the person they know that’s involved in a public issue and then be wise enough to leave the proceedings entirely while that issue is being debated.

“Just think about what you would want to read about in the (SUN) newspaper before you enter a conflict of interest discussion,” warned Steel.

The regular city council meeting began at 7 p.m. with an abbreviated discussion of the one, five, and 10 Year Capital Investment Plans (CIP). Without a new Capital Facilities Plan (CFP), which is tied into a Capital Improvements Plan, it becomes very difficult to formulate the CIP for future spending allocations. Two firms will present bids before the mayor and council on September 23, and it is possible one of these firms will be chosen to formulate a new CFP.

The one year CIP includes spending considerations for a 12 inch water line and pump to bring on the two new north wells into the city; an archeological dig at the Jackson reservoir site; flood control on Swapp Dr.; a sidewalk on Highway 89 on the north end of town; Center and Main St. traffic light; a Senior and Community Center; and a culinary water booster pump.

The five-year plan includes the KCR bridge replacement; cemetery expansion; CEBA building; tennis courts; trails; a new security system at the Heritage Museum and flood control projects. The ten-year plan is yet to be fully elucidated.

Consideration of releasing the Mesa Hills subdivision guarantee bond was tabled pending obtaining a letter from the engineer confirming that all stipulations have been met.

Resolution 9-1-09R was passed adopting the ‘Kanab City Fraud Policy’ which outlines for city employees what could incur fraud charges, who would handle these complaints, and in what manner they would be conducted. This policy becomes part of the city’s personnel policy. They were largely adopted from another city’s policy, according to City Attorney Val Mackelprang, with the council making a couple of minor corrections to the policy to further clarify Kanab’s situation.

Lastly, Mayor Kim Lawson endorsed the Entrepreneur Forum to be conducted by Stampin’ Up! CEO Shelli Gardner.