Four Army helicopters, with 16 soldiers aboard (four per chopper), did a quick Kanab stopover on Sunday, August 2, enroute to returning back to their home base in Wheeling, West Virginia.

“We’re happy to be going home, it was hot in California,” commented one of the servicemen, under a shade tree at the Kanab Airport. “We needed to get fuel and stretch our legs.”

They have been receiving special training since July 6 at Fort Irwin in California, and left there at approximately 6 a.m. on Sunday. The return trip to West Virginia is scheduled to take about three days by helicopter. Their next ‘stretch-leg-refuel’ stop was going to be Grand Junction, Colorado.

“It’s so beautiful here,” said one pilot. “You all are very fortunate to live here, it’s amazing to fly over.”

Ben (pictured above on the left) spent three years attending college at Southern Utah University in Cedar City. He said that’s where his daughter was born. He really enjoyed his time in Utah.