In an all-online program the events of the 14th annual Amazing Earthfest are coming your way every other weekend through November 21. At a simple form appears at the bottom of each event description where you can register to receive the links you will need to attend for free on Zoom. Four events are scheduled for the month of August.

Event details are available at Let’s look at the first two.

The documentary, River of Renewal, is up first on Saturday, August 8, at 6 p.m., accessed on Vimeo by special link. Filmmaker and author Stephen Most’s films have been nominated for Academy Awards and have won five Emmys. With the screenwriter and producer in attendance, experience the story of one of America’s great rivers in crisis, and the elemental bonds between California native tribes, the river, and its legendary denizen, the salmon.

In this hopeful story, polarization ultimately gives way to consensus-building as communities recognize their livelihoods all depend on the health of the river, resulting in the largest dam removal project in U.S. history, set to commence in January 2021. Most leads conversation and responds to questions on Zoom after the film beginning at 7:15 p.m. (MDT), and will take orders for signed copies of his new book: “Stories Make the World: Reflections on Storytelling and the Art of the Documentary.”

On Sunday, August 9, from 3-4:30 p.m., Earthfest will host the first of five programs in astronomy. Nighttime photography is a tricky endeavor and this event offers the opportunity to learn from a master how to produce stunning nighttime landscape images that include a dazzling starry night sky.

Featured in Time Magazine, David Lane ranks among the top five astrophotographers in the world. Eleven of his mesmerizing images are archived on NASA’s informative website, Astronomy Picture of the Day. Lane’s work is on display in Kanab at Raven’s Heart Gallery and available on his website.

Lane will teach techniques and equipment required to capture telescopic deep space images and how the methods cross over to Milky Way landscape photos. All you’ll need is curiosity and Lane will answer questions about camera equipment, use of telescopes, choosing subject matter, optimum sky conditions and more.

Hope to see you there!