Despite the early hour of the special council meeting on Tuesday, September 22, Fredonia residents filled the seats of town hall anxious to hear the results of an executive session meeting held that morning.

After deliberating in executive session for an hour, Mayor Dixie Lee Judd addressed the residents in attendance. “Due to the sensitive subject of our meeting, I am laying the ground rules now.  There will be no public comment in this meeting, during or after the discussion has been made.  It will go on in an orderly and respectful way. You are here to observe only. We have worked long and hard for the good of both parties…”

She then handed the meeting over to council member Angie Bullets to read the separation and transition agreement, general release, and covenant not to sue between the Town of Fredonia and Tom Corrigan. 

“Whereas, the parties have conferred for the purpose of reaching a mutually acceptable arrangement with respect to terminating Corrigan’s employment as Town Manager; allowing him to provide professional consulting services relating to certain current and pending matters, and compensating him for providing such services; and resolving all other matters and issues, whether known or unknown, arising out of Corrigan’s employment.”

The agreement continued, outlining the details of Tom Corrigan’s resignation, as well as his duties and compensation for consulting for the Town of Fredonia. Council accepted the “unconditional, voluntary resignation from his position as Town Manager, effective September 30, 2009. No assertion, finding or admission of wrongdoing on the part of either party is intended or should be taken from the fact of Corrigan’s resignation, or the Town’s acceptance thereof.”

Corrigan will continue to be of service to the Town as an advisor and consultant for six months in order to assist with pending projects, elections, legal issues and various other items.  His compensation for that time will be $69,000. 

According to the agreement, Corrigan will be provided with access to information, files, equipment, data and assistance from town employees. He will be reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in conjunction with said duties, including travel expenses.

The document serves as an agreement by both parties to not sue and releases each from liability.

After the Council gave Mayor Judd permission to sign the resignation, council member Cody Judd read the agreement between the Town of Fredonia and the Fredonia Humane Society (FHS).

The document outlined the agreed upon duties of the Fredonia Humane Society and the Town of Fredonia with regards to animals of the town.

“FHS will use its best efforts to continue to seek out grants and other sources of funding… will use its best efforts to recruit and train volunteers to care for animals brought to the shelter by town employees and members of the public…will continue to arrange for the spaying/neutering and all required vaccinations… will use its best efforts to find suitable homes for all of the dogs in the shelter…”

“The Town will use its best efforts to cooperate with FHS in locating the lawful owners of all stray animals at the shelter…  agrees that the facility shall continue to be operated as a no-kill shelter for as long as it is operated as an animal care shelter. This provision shall survive the termination or expiration of this agreement.”

The terms of the agreement are from September 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010. It was set to automatically renew at the end of the term. However, council member Greg Honey requested that provision be removed from the contract.

Council voted unanimously to give Mayor Judd permission to sign the agreement between the Fredonia Humane Society and the Town of Fredonia, with the removal of the automatic renewal.