Kanab City Fire Department has volunteer firefighters from all walks of life, who maintain their full-time jobs and learn to fight fires in their spare time. Joe Decker is the Kanab City Fire Chief.

Mark Foley, Public Information Officer for the Kanab Fire Department, stated there are 22 volunteers attending the latest certification classes. Sixteen are from Kanab, and the others are from Fredonia, Glen Canyon/Big Water, Page and East Zion.

A person must be 18 years of age to become a volunteer firefighter. Currently there are no women enrolled, although the department has had some female volunteers in the past. Foley said they would like to speak with anyone interested in becoming a volunteer.

September and October are busy months for the local volunteer firefighters. To get their Firefighter I/II certification, they must attend training classes on 62 skills and procedures. The Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA), a part of Utah Valley University, provides instructors and action plans.

Some of the topics covered in the extensive course are: the firefighter orientation and safety implementation, use of ropes, knots, forcible entry, rescue carries, fire behavior, hydrant flow and operability, foam streams, fire control and ignitable liquid, flammable gas fire control, building construction, construction materials and building collapse, radio communications and incident reporting. Of equal importance is finding the origin and cause of the fire.

For use in practical training skills, UFRA has developed a specially constructed mobile flame trailer called FEAST, as well as other props to provide live-fire training for rural areas. UFRA in Provo transported the simulated building consisting of two singlewide trailers, and positioned them in the Kanab Fire Department parking lot to be used for training. The building is filled with smoke; the firefighters enter with full gear and put their training skills into effect. There is a set of stairs going upward, mock furniture on the floor so the firefighters can really get the feel of what it is like to manipulate in that type of situation.

The full certification course is a total of 120 hours. The final certification test itself is eight hours.

In cases of emergencies, Kane County Dispatch notifies the firefighters via pager of the type of emergency call. The decision on which resources to send to an incident is up to the Incident Commander, who is usually Chief Decker, and is based on the Standing Operating Procedures.

Kanab Fire Department has two engines, one support truck, and a variety of wildland fire vehicles, including two brush trucks and a water tender.

For more information, go to: http://uvu.edu.ufra/

What would the city, county and country do without caring volunteers?