At approximately 3 a.m., on Thursday, June 11, Big Water Fire and Rescue was dispatched to Church Wells for a structural fire with numerous explosions occurring. Upon arrival firefighters encountered a fire that involved a travel trailer, a mobile home and a vehicle.

In addition, firefighters had one individual with serious burns and one individual with an urgent medical condition.

Big Water medics attended to the injured and requested support from Classic Lifeguard and Page Fire to transport these individuals.

One Big Water firefighter was transported to Page Hospital by Big Water, Kane County ambulance for smoke inhalation.

Several explosions occurred while suppression efforts were being made. The causes of these explosions were propane tanks, an auxiliary fuel tank in the pickup truck, ammunition stored in the truck and camper trailer. The mobile home, truck and camper trailers were a complete loss.

Kanab Fire Department sent an engine and crew to assist Big Water Fire and Rescue. Initial investigations reveal that the cause of the fire was unsafe burning of debris.