This year’s General Flu Shoot Out/Health Fair was a great success. Our Southwest Public Health team distributed 100 doses of the flu mists, and 608 flu vaccinations. There were approximately 25 "rain checks" issued which will allow those in attendance but at the end of the line an opportunity to still receive their shot.

Kane County Emergency Management organizer Alan Alldredge, Volunteer Center Coordinator Terra Sue Honey, and Paulette Valentine of Southwest Public Health Department headed the team in conjunction with Susan Little and Shana Chavez of Southwest Public Health Department, Earl Decker of the Volunteer Center, Laurali Noteman and Debbie Gillespie of Kane County Hospital, Linda Spearing of Southwest Center and County Sheriff Lamont Smith.

This team was the driving force behind the scenes. However, without the participation of the 50 to 75 volunteers which includes; medical personnel, EMTs, greeters, vendor representatives and worker bees it would not have been possible.

The Flu Shoot Out served a duel purpose. Not only did it function well as a community health fair but also as a pandemic flu exercise. Should the need arise to distribute vaccinations, supplies, or information in an emergency our county strives to be among the leaders for preparedness. We will meet in October to review, revise and critique the function.

Organizers of this year’s event are to be commended. All it takes is four or five months of organizational meetings, assignments being distributed and completed, vendors willing to participate, volunteers offering expertise and skills, and the public being interested enough to show up. What the heck, see its simple.