During World War II, in the small town of Orderville, as in many communities, lives were changed. The disruption of the war would be a difficult challenge to face. Every family was affected one way or another.

Bread-winners, farmers, sheep and cattlemen, shop owners, mechanics, patriarchs and new husbands were all taken, leaving pregnant wives, little children and aging parents to fend for themselves during the trying times of war.

However, as hard-working pioneer stock, the community rose to the occasion, finding ways to survive during the crisis at hand. Amazingly, these men in the photo all came home. Not one man was lost! 

Thanks to Lucy Cox Crofts, who married one of the men who returned. Her husband Rex Crofts would inspire her to collect the photos and preserve the history of these great men. She preserved a visual treasure from the past. 

A monument for all Valley Veterans is in the planning and implementing phase, as donations have reached approximately $17,000.

The collage will be duplicated into prints and may be purchased in the near future for those who desire to keep the memory of those who served from Orderville in World War II.