At 2:49 p.m. on May 1, Big Water Fire and Rescue was dispatched to a home within the town limits of Big Water for a working structural fire. Two Big Water suppression trucks, Engine 31 and Rescue 30, as well as an ambulance and crew, arrived within seven minutes from the time of the alarm. The fire, a result of weed burning, had consumed a large wood pile and had involved the side of the modular housing structure. Initially water was applied to the rooms at the fire end of the house, and an interior attack was quickly initiated.

The fire however traveled through the roof space and the structure was deemed unstable to support any personnel on the roof. Suppression efforts were aided by the National Park Service, Greenhaven Fire Department and Kanab Fire Department. Crews worked for seven hours before the fire was extinguished.

The occupants of the house escaped without injury. Big Water Marshal Russ Johnson was able to help one occupant out of the house. Marshal Johnson’s effort clearly saved that person from serious injury.

The Town of Big Water is assisting the long time residents with relocation until the home can be replaced.

Big Water is grateful for the National Park Service, Greenhaven Fire Department and Kanab Fire Department for their generous mutual aid in suppressing this fire.

As a reminder, it is very dry and hot and Big Water Fire Chief Patrick Horning has suspended all burn permits and issued a no burn order for the Town of Big Water. Please ensure you have defensible space around your residence and that all your smoke detectors are operational.