Dear Editor:

In the midst of the worst of times, we also see some of the best of humanity. My business, Wild Thyme Cafe, has been deeply harmed by Covid-19. Take-out orders aren’t enough to support our usual staff of about 25 employees. Some part-time employees have lost jobs – including those who work at Wild Thyme as a second job.

We are doing our best to keep our core staff employed, people who have no other source of income to provide for their families. Using personal savings to keep the business afloat can’t last indefinitely. That’s where the kindness of our community comes in.  

Our loyal locals have ordered take-out, sometimes twice a week! One person has sent in someone to buy gift certificates in the hundreds of dollars. Three times! That person doesn’t want anyone to know his/her identity.

Another person called and bought $500 in gift cards over the phone. Others drop by to buy gift cards in varying amounts.

Some Best Friends employees decided to share part of their federal stimulus cash. They bought $900 in gift certificates that they turned over to Care and Share to distribute to people who donate food.

What a fantastic circle of generosity in our community!

Thank you to the Southern Utah News for your charitable ad letting the community know which restaurants are open. Business improved immediately for us. That was much appreciated.

I am grateful to our loyal diners who are helping us stay open. I am also thankful, and amazed, by the generous acts of my neighbors. I’m a fairly reserved person: but this kindness and generosity is humbling and brings tears. I’m grateful beyond measure. It feels like “It’s a Wonderful Life” right here in Kanab. Thank you.

To all of you kind, compassionate people, may good karma follow you always. 

With gratitude,

Vicky Cooper


Wild Thyme Cafe