On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, Kane County enacted an ordinance:

• Imposing temporary and emergency restrictions on non-county resident’s use of public lands for recreation.

• County resident’s restrictions on camping.

• Imposing self-isolation at home for part-year residents returning to Kane County due to the threat of coronavirus disease.

The ordinance states:

a. Any and all public lands in the unincorporated areas of the county may only be accessed by current county residents or owners of real property in the county for recreational activities, including, but not limited to: camping, hiking, ATV use, sightseeing, boating, rafting or other similar recreational activities. All persons shall comply with state and federal social distancing guidelines while accessing public lands.

b. Any individual who is not a current resident of the county or does not own real property in the county may enter and leave the county for travel-related purposes only, but may not access any public lands for recreational purposes as set forth in section a.

c. Nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to limit agriculture or other non-recreational economic activity that is currently authorized on public lands.

d. County residents may engage in overnight camping that is otherwise allowed so long as any single group is limited to 10 people or a single household, and each group is located at least 50 yards away from any other group.

e. Any usage of state parks in Kane County is limited to current residents of Kane County.

f. Any part-year resident, and the persons entire household, who has returned to reside in Kane County, or will return to reside in Kane County between now and May 1, shall self-isolate at home.

For self-isolation times, or to read the entire ordinance, please go to kane.utah.gov. This ordinance is effective until April 22, unless extended by the Kane County Commission. Violation of the ordinance is a class B misdemeanor.