As of April 1, Kane County has had two positive cases of COVID-19, with the expectation of additional cases in the coming days and weeks. 

The current social distancing guidelines appear to be working to slow the spread.  However, concerned that warmer weather and closures of camping sites and public lands in other areas of the state will bring an increase of visitors to Kane County during LDS conference weekend and the following weekend surrounding Easter, Kane County is asking everyone to follow Governor Herbert’s directive to stay home and not travel. 

Southern Utah, and particularly Kane County, are very popular this time of year for visitors from all over the world wanting to get out and visit the state and national parks and to camp on public lands.

Currently, Utah state parks are limited to visitation to only residents of the county where the state park is located.

Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and many portions of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are closed to visitation. 

Kane County Hospital typically experiences an increase of patients during holiday weekends due to traffic and other recreational related accidents. This puts an increased strain on their resources and personnel.

With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, this increase in patients due to travel related accidents could prevent the hospital from giving care to a likely increase in COVID-19 cases over the next few weeks.

They are already critically low on precious supplies and manpower and the additional influx of travelers from outside of Kane County will only compound their ability to operate and increases the danger of exposure to their staff.

Therefore, Kane County, in conjunction with our local health department, is imposing temporary and emergency restrictions on camping at high density recreational areas on unincorporated county and public lands. 

The following areas of Kane County are open for Day Use only: Wire Pass Trailhead, Dry Fork Trailhead and its associated slot canyons, Elephant Cove Trailhead, Hog Canyon, the Dry Lakebed at Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Peekaboo slot canyon.  The restriction is in place until April 15 unless extended.

Overnight camping that is otherwise allowed in other areas of Kane County is allowed so long as any single group is limited to 10 people or a single household and each group is located at least 50 yards away from any other group.

Normally Kane County welcomes all visitors to come and experience the many beauties we have to offer. At this unusual time in history we are asking that everyone please delay your visit to Kane County until the threat of illness to our residents and burden to our first responders is resolved.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives.