Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the winners in the Presidential Primary Election held on Super Tuesday, March 3. The following are the unofficial results.

For Republicans in Kane County, with no serious challenger, Trump gathered 1541 of the 1640 votes cast, or 94 percent of the vote.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders picked up 135 votes (31.4 percent), with Joe Biden second with 79 votes (18.37 percent). Elizabeth Warren was third with 75 votes (17.44 percent), while Michael Bloomberg had 64 votes (14.88 percent).

Even though they both dropped out of the race last weekend, Pete Buttigieg had 41 votes (9.53 percent) and Amy Klobuchar had 25 votes (5.81 percent).

Total voter turnout in Kane County was just shy of 50 percent, with 49.92 percent voting. Of the 2763 registered Republican voters, 1643, or 59.46 percent, took the time to vote. Of the 465 registered Democratic voters, 432, or 92.9 percent, cast their ballots.

For the State of Utah, Trump picked up 88.37 percent of the vote. Sanders garnered 34.64 percent to lead the Democratic candidates. Joe Biden was second with 17.15 percent of the vote. Michael Bloomberg had 16.89 percent of the vote, while Elizabeth Warren was right behind him with 15.38 percent.