The Utah governor’s race now has a new Republican candidate that stands apart from the crowd.

Jan Garbett, a businesswoman, philanthropist, community activist and the co-founder of Garbett Homes, has announced that she is filing to run for the position being vacated by Gary Herbert.

Garbett said she had been pondering how best to use her abilities to benefit the state of Utah until she heard the gubernatorial debate at the Jan. 31 Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. She was struck by how homogenous the candidates were in support of President Donald Trump and okay with Trump-style politics.

“I realized that Utahns needed a choice,” she said. “Mr. Trump’s style of politics may work for him on a federal level, but falling in behind him on every issue is just not the Utah way; we’re too independent for that. I want to see Utah issues determined by Utahns who know who we are and what we stand for, not a voice from Washington, D.C.”

The mother of eight, Garbett is passionate about traditional Utah values and issues that affect Utah families such as ensuring quality education and clean air for our children and grandchildren, and seeing that they thrive here with access to jobs and other opportunities, especially in rural Utah.

Unlike several of the candidates, Garbett does not believe everything begins and ends along the Wasatch Front.

“People in the rural counties often feel unsupported,” she said. “I want to make sure their voices are heard and that the state makes it a priority to bring jobs and other opportunities to those counties.”

In the coming weeks, as her campaign gears up, Garbett’s voice will grow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms to share her message with ordinary Utahns. She will also provide op-eds to local newspapers on issues of concern to their communities.