Stellar Vista Observatory launches the first monthly Public Star Party of its 2020 series on Saturday, February 22, at the Jackson Flat Reservoir Boat Launch parking lot, beginning at 7 p.m.

All adults and children are invited to attend, free of charge, and be inspired! Dress warmly, and visit SVO’s Facebook page for updates.

Interesting objects in the winter sky delight the eyes and imagination, informing casual observers of our deep relationships to Earth and Sky.

The brilliant planet Venus and the “Winter Ellipse” will be our guide to identify individual stars, as well as rich clusters of stars and the winter Milky Way, informing us about the galaxy we reside in, then outward toward the emergence of space, time, energy and matter!

Begin your guided tour of the night sky just with your eyes alone, then enhance your view with astronomical telescopes to become more familiar with Orion, the most spectacular of all constellations, Orion Nebula, a place where new hot stars continue to form, Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, the Pleiades, the most famous star cluster of all, and other brilliant night sky objects.

This is a star party you should not miss. Hope for nice clear skies, but a treat will await you even if the weather does not fully cooperate!

SVO, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Kanab, provides observational experiences for people to enjoy, appreciate and comprehend what we can see in southern Utah’s exceptional starry night skies.

SVO’s team of passionate residents intends to construct and operate an educational astronomical observatory in Kanab, Utah, for public enjoyment.

To learn more, or to offer your talent and support to this exciting endeavor, visit