An opportunity for Kanab’s citizens to gain knowledge and provide feedback about many aspects of their community is coming up on February 18.

The Kanab City Council and the City Planning and Zoning Commission are reworking the Kanab General Plan, and are in the process of collecting ideas and preferences from all helpful citizens. 

The format will be an open forum with five to six stations covering various topics, such as Land Use and Zoning, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, Utilities, and Economic Development that impact each of us on a daily basis. 

The process will be a welcome change to many who find regular meetings rather intimidating. Each topic will have presenters and most of the interaction will be one-on-one questions and answers. 

City Planner Bob Nicholson reminds us, “Communities can play a part in developing their future. This is the power to do and contribute to local planning.”

Participation is voluntary, but it’s important to contribute to the planning with appropriate input. 

City Land Use Coordinator Mike Reynolds said, “Some voters don’t know about how these decision are being made. This is a real opportunity to become informed.”

Surveys will be offered so responses can be measured and considered. After the Plan is revised later in the year, public meetings will be announced, prior to a final vote by the City Council. 

One example is most people are not aware of the zoning adjacent to their properties and what it means if the land changes hands. What then is the process and how is it rezoned according to the General Plan? Come and find out how this could impact you. 

Are Kanab citizens aware of the trails presently planned to connect Jackson Flat Reservoir to town? Who is paying for it? Come and learn. 

What is the plan to run sewers into the Ranchos? When could that happen, and how will it be paid for? Come and ask. 

What is Mixed Density Zoning? Where are the lots that are Mixed Density? What does this mean to a landowner? 

Why are we seeing more motels coming into town, and how will the housing shortage be addressed? These questions and more can be offered. 

The key here is public participation. All are invited to the presentation from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesday, February 18, at the Kanab Center Willow Ballroom. Refreshments provided.