We are pleased to present the Womanhood Award this year to a woman who has always, energetically and willingly, "Stepped Into Life." This woman is a tireless advocate for our community and her selfless pursuit of quality activities for our youth is not only admirable, it''s amazing. Cheryl Brown is a true example that ''happiness walks on busy feet.'' Her positive attitude, enthusiasm and desire to help others is impressive; while never expecting anything in return.

Cheryl was raised on a farm in McMinville, Oregon with three sisters and two brothers. Her loving parents taught her how essential it was to have a strong work ethic, the importance of showing compassion to others and the joy in finding ways to be creative.

When her children were young she played along their side while also teaching them these same values. Now that they are grown, she is impacting the lives of so many other people''s children by helping them reach their potential. Through her involvement with the youth, she encourages them to become future leaders and teaches them the satisfaction that can only be found through service – at the same time building their character and confidence.  She is their teacher, their advocate and their friend.

As a Vista volunteer she helped repurpose the old middle school into a recreation center, along with a skate park. Through the 4-H program, she has influenced the lives of many young people; teaching everything from making piñatas to sewing to rocket launching. She is obviously not afraid of a challenge.

She currently works as an aid in the special education department at Kanab High School, and has actually worked in the school system for over 15 years. Because education is so important to her, she is now achieving her dream of finishing her college degree.

If you want something worthwhile accomplished, you want Cheryl on your team. Most recently, as the chair of the City Recreation Committee, she played an integral role in the construction of the new city swimming pool. Our community has certainly benefited from her service and leadership abilities.  She is definitely a do-er, not just a watcher or even a follower. She is continuously seeking out opportunities to serve and she doesn''t just serve out of duty, she serves from the heart because of her strong desire to help others. 

Cheryl is a devoted wife, a loving mother of five children, a creative grandma of nine and a half grandkids and counting.  She enjoys gardening, church service, family history, being in the outdoors and scrapbooking.

Through the years, she has truly gone above and beyond stepping into life, she has reached out and lovingly stepped into the lives of so many others and in doing so has touched their hearts, leaving footprints that will never be forgotten.

We thank you, Cheryl, for the wonderful example you are to all of us.