The Kanab Heritage Museum will be sporting a new name. By decision of Mayor Robert Houston and Kanab City, it will now be the Deanna Glover Building.

The name change is in honor of Deanna Glover, the wonderful, dedicated woman who largely got the museum started, and spent so much time through the years helping to operate, record and display Kanab’s colorful history.

“To insure that your contributions toward preserving the history and heritage of Kanab will never be forgotten, it is my great pleasure to inform you that the current home of the Kanab Heritage Museum, the historic Public Library building, will be renamed in your honor,” signed Kanab City Mayor Robert Houston.

Deanna and Jerace (deceased) Glover have been nearly life-long residents of the Valley and Kanab areas. They were parents of three sons, Kenley, Don and Chris (deceased). The couple was always active in community service and activities, but Deanna’s passion was history.

Besides working full-time jobs for most of her life, Glover was always making scrapbooks, reading history and collecting historical artifacts.

“My love for history began when I was a little girl,” explained Glover. “I loved going to my Grandpa Brown’s house or visiting with my Aunt Vola Rider. I used to love to look at all the old pictures on the wall and asked stories about those pictured, and imagine their lives back then.”

When her older relatives were downsizing or passing, Glover asked if she could have the old family pictures. “I remember I was given all the old photographs, and once we got a place, I started to put them up. I remember one day my husband Jerry fussed not to hang one more old man or bitty on our walls!”

But most of them remained on her walls and in her heart.

Once Deanna retired from Job Service in Kanab in the late 1990’s, she and four other local women on the ‘Heritage Board’ began gathering some of Glover’s personal pictures, as well as other historic artifacts by donation, and began putting together exhibits.

“We’d have our little meetings to decide what we wanted to preserve,” said Glover. But, they needed a home to house the artifacts! They approached the city to utilize the old library. Then-Mayor Viv Adams allowed them to have the building for a test trial of three years.

Glover has been at the museum for over 20 plus years.

For the first while, there wasn’t a payroll and everyone was a volunteer. “I wanted to preserve the correct history, we don’t ever even charge admission, but people can donate to the cause.”

The city pays her for the hours now, as well as the benefit of having two part-time assistants. “We benefit from family heirlooms and donations,” said Glover, of what drives the current collection.

Glover has not only benefited Kanab and Kane County’s history collection, she has been involved in her church, won many work awards with the Department of Workforce Services, and won the 2010 coveted Silver Bowl Award for volunteerism, while also being over the Heritage House and Kanab Heritage Museum.

When asked why history is so important to her, Glover simply responded, “I think the young people need to know what sacrifices their ancestors made, and had to go through, to make better lives for themselves and their families.”

A well-deserved honor, Deanna Glover – thanks for the memories!