Kanab citizens, please meet our new postmaster, Suzanne (Suzy) Bertussi.

Like Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger’s 1984 Christmas album song “I’ll Be Home With Bells On,” Suzy is finally back home to Utah – with bells on. As you can see in the photo, she is greeting her customers this holiday season with her antique sleigh bells on!

Bertussi was born in Provo and grew up in St. George, graduating from Dixie High School. She has worked continuously for the U.S. Postal Service since age 19, first in San Diego, California, as a mail carrier, and then rising through managerial positions, including Postmaster. After working in California for 27 years, she is now delighted to be back home in Utah permanently.

Bertussi became the Kanab Postmaster in August of 2019, and has already established herself for her friendliness, helpfulness, competence, and sense of humor in a job that requires constant contact with the public. It’s obvious she really likes working with people.

And, also, she like bells – so she encourages you to ring one of the several bells on the front counter to get her attention, if she happens to be in the back sorting mail, when you come in to post your letters and packages.

In her spare time, Bertussi enjoys quilting, cooking and writing science fiction books. She also enjoys her Ford Mustang, leading some friends to nickname her “Mustang Suzy.”

She is a big Star Wars fan, so sometimes she goes by “Darth Melee” or “TIE Fighter One” (TIE stands for “Twin Ion Engine,” for those of us who are Star Wars challenged).

So don’t try to mail any hazardous materials, or maybe the “Darth Melee” character will emerge!

Welcome home, Suzy Bertussi.