Road maintenance on BLM lands was a topic of discussion with Rene Berkoudt, GSENM Manager, Harry Barber Field Office Manager and Larry Crutchfield BLM Public Relations.  Commissioner Habbeshaw indicated Kane County’s fight is with Washington not the three men there. “It is not personal.  We want to protect our RS 2477 rights.  None of us are attorneys.  We all have a good working relationship.”

Berkhoudt said he hoped they could come to an agreement regarding maintenance. “We are concerned about infrastructure. There are two options, one is Title V and the other is Maintenance Agreements.  We have agreements that date back to the 1970’s, and have never been abolished.”

Commissioner Hulet said there are four options.   Those two, Recordable Disclaimer of Interests, and Recognition of an RS2477 Right of Way.

The BLM is concerned  the longer the roads are not maintained, the more they breakdown. The county has not maintained roads since Judge Campbell’s ruling last summer took away the county’s authority and jurisdiction for maintenance. The county feels  they cannot accept that liability, and has appealed that ruling. 

“What authority do we have to drop a blade on the ground?”

The BLM believes thae maintenance memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Kane County for maintenance dating  to the 1970s, remain in effect and Kane County still has the authority to maintain the roads.

The commission believes it is unfair to ask Kane County to maintain roads they have no jurisdiction over since Judge Campbell’s ruling.  It comes down to road ownership. 

Commissioner Hulet expressed frustration.  The executive branch needs to acknowledge the Legislative Branch granted RS2477 Rights of Way.  “It makes me mad!  They want us to maintain their roads for free and they can close them any time.  They can contract it out.”

Although the meeting ended with no agreement, it did end on a congenial note with all parties agreeing to meet again and maintain a dialogue. 

U. S.  Deputy Attorney, Brent Tolman, presented two awards. One award to Lamont Smith, Kane County Sheriff and the other to Kane County Attorneys Jim Scarth and Bill Bernard, for the high number of cases for federal prosecution out of Kane County.

The Travel Council would like to expand their web page for more Internet marketing to enhance economic impact.  The goal is to be in the top ten percent of the search for this area.  For example if one searches Kane County on Google, they will find themselves in Illinois.  Mark Wade gave a presentation on how the area needs many links and how more than 60 percent of travelers book their motel reservations via Internet.

Roger Chamberlain and Tony Chewleski were re-appointed to Planning and Zoning.

Chapter Six revision of the Kane County Subdivision Ordinance was approved.  It now clarifies who does each step and answers specific questions that were previously asked.

After a study of fees by the planning commission with other counties was completed, an average was taken and the recommendation was made and accepted for the following fee increases: Conditional Use Permits $175, Zone Changes $250, and Variances $400.

Lois Lamb was re-appointed to serve on the Human Services Council.