Mayor Robert Houston conducted the October 22 Kanab City Council meeting after being absent for several weeks. All council members were in attendance.

After the prayer and pledge, the mayor started into the business portion of the meeting but was reminded that there was a work meeting item to be addressed first. That item was a presentation on the City’s Fiscal Year 18-19 Audit by Steve Palmer, representing HintonBurdick, CPAs.

Palmer summarized the audit, which is available in its entirety at The city received passing marks on the four separate reports, which comprise the audit, with some minor adjustments. “Overall, (we’re) really happy with how things went this year,” Palmer reported. The city now stands at $20,000,000 in equity – a net increase of $2,000,000.

At the conclusion of Palmer’s report, the mayor proceeded into the business portion of the meeting. After the approval of the agenda, minutes of the previous meeting and the accounts payable vouchers, he opened the public comment period. There were two comments, one welcoming the mayor back and the second to submit a petition opposing the proposed Vermillion Lofts apartment complex north of Sedona Valley Estates.

Next, the mayor proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

After that, Marilyn Lawson was given the floor. Speaking on behalf of her family (the Browns, aka Vermillion View LLC), she read a letter expressing concerns about a long-established prescriptive easement they had through property owned by C & A Ranches, which was now the proposed site of the 72-unit Vermillion Lofts apartment complex.

According to Lawson, their family property could become landlocked because of the project. “This proposal is seeking to eliminate or substitute it (the easement) with something that is not acceptable to us, including being forced to navigate farm equipment through a crowded parking lot in a high density building complex with its associated potential liabilities.” She claimed the project engineer from Iron Rock was unwilling to make changes to the plan.

After Lawson finished reading the letter, the council moved on to the discussion and vote on the minor subdivision of parcel K-19-18-ANNEX for the purpose of building the 4.46 acre, six building, 35’ high, 72-unit Vermillion Lofts Apartment complex.

Councilman Arlon Chamberlain began with a brief summary of the parcel and the accesses. This was followed by a lengthy discussion initiated by Councilman Michael East about future roads needed to handle additional traffic caused by the development. “We need affordable housing, but we need to have a plan of how we’re going to move people,” said East.

The developer, Sam Zitting, has first option to buy the adjoining Lot 2 from C & A Ranches for additional developments.

The mayor commented on 10 West, a minor collector street in the city’s transportation master plan, which could provide access to the landlocked properties. He stated that it probably wouldn’t be developed “in our lifetimes” because of the possibility of having to condemn people’s property, “but I don’t see Kanab City doing that,” he said.

In the end, the majority of the council felt neither the traffic nor the easement issues were enough to delay or deny the subdivision. Celeste Meyeres moved to approve. Michael East and Byard Kershaw voted against, with Meyeres, Yates and Chamberlain voting for. Motion carried three votes to two and the subdivision was approved.

Next on the agenda was the approval of a contract for Professional Engineering Services between Kanab City and Civil Science Infrastructure, Inc. for the Kanab City water systems improvement project. This was passed unanimously.

The final two items were also approved unanimously. A lot line adjustment combining lots 72-1366 and 72-1365 at 798 W. Navajo Drive for applicant Joe Decker; and an amendment to Land Use Ordinance 4-34 clarifying that only in single family residential zones are Short Term Rental properties limited to two per property.

Meeting adjourned.