Mary Craven passed away this week and her departure from this Earthly existence left a big hole in our hearts. My sympathies to her awesome companion Ed and their children – it’s hard to say goodbye to someone so special.

She was a dear friend of mine (and to my Mom), but was so much else to many. Her smile, occasional visits, ‘Dixie hugs’ and friendly personality, warmed many a day at the newspaper office.

Mary was who I want to be when (and if) I ever reach her age! She was intelligent, humorous and vital. She could, and would, talk about local or international politics. She was non-judgemental in what she would say, but would have a strong and clear opinion on many things!

Mary would often come into the newspaper office to visit with Hilda, Brooke, Dennis and myself, and then be off to her other endeavors.

Her other endeavors were so many! How many of us can say ‘during our retirement’ we volunteered for the Kane County Hospital Thrift Store and Kane County Hospital, and wrote features for the local newspaper? How many of us would attend local political meetings because, according to her, ‘they needed to hear her two cents?’

Mary wrote many articles for the newspaper from her volunteer and life experiences. She wrote features about numerous subjects – her question and answer format on new residents to town always made me smile! She was a valued friend, writer and an asset to Kane County.

Mary, you’ve lived a good life and God speed. We will miss you terribly.