The Kane County Board of Education, at its September 3, 2009, meeting, approved a salary step or “lane change” wage increase for several teachers who have acquired, to varying extents, additional hours of education beyond a Bachelors Degree. District teachers received no cost of living increase this year.  This lane change increase rewards teachers who have on their own sought to become more highly qualified as educators.

The school board also approved a revised Computer and Network Acceptable Conduct and Use Policy, which regulates all internet use throughout the school district by students and staff. The policy sets forth user responsibilities regarding the technology resources the district provides and regulates the use of electronic devices. It was expanded this summer to include guidelines for webpages, wireless security and internet publishing; anti-virus procedures; and software and laptop use.

Valley High School (VHS) Student Body President Bailey Hill reported on student activities at the school. She explained the school theme for the year is “No regrets”, and listed monthly school themes of a positive and affirming nature.

She told the board an important goal this year at VHS, a grade seven-12 high school, is to make the younger seventh and eighth grade students feel welcome and help them get involved. She also thanked the district for the new baseball field.

Loretta Clayson, of the Kanab Shade Tree Committee reported on a Utah grant opportunity to fund pruning of specific “topped” trees around the Kanab High School parking lot. Noting the aesthetic and safety problems that occur with topped trees, Clayson explained the Utah Department of Natural Resources matching grant opportunity and offered to draft a proposal for it. The board gave her permission to proceed and thanked her for her offer.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, the board discussed a request by Dustin Cox of Alton, to have the Orderville schools apply to the state to change to a four day school week. The state requirements for granting such a request are stringent and the board advised Cox such a request is likely to be denied. Nevertheless, he stated he would continue to gather information from the community in order to build a case for the change request.

The board approved new Secondary School Attendance Committees, which oversee attendance issues at each school. They are:  Janet Maxwell, Justin Shakespeare, Principal Jim Wood, Lucy Esplin and Bailey Hill for Valley High School; Barbara Warner, Kim Willoughby, Lisa Livingston, Harry Barber, Principal Doug Jacobs, Trevor Stewart and Reese Jackson for Kanab High School; and Jessie Barton, Chris Pare’ and Principal Gordon Miller for Lake Powell School.

In other business, the board approved two home school applications, four residence applications and the hiring off Layne Benschneider, as an alternative school teacher at Valley High School. They also honored Kanab High School Employees of the Month School Secretary Karen Robinson and Guidance Counselor Trevor Stewart.

 Adult high school graduate Jordan Bailey was presented his diploma by School Board President Lex Chamberlain in front of proud family members.

Congratulations, Jordan!