You love top-notch accommodations when you travel through a scenic area such as this; a warm, hospitable atmosphere, occasional nighttime entertainment, great local dining options...

But wait! All of those desired amenities must be put on hold, if you can’t bring your best animal friend that has traveled with you and is a part of your experience and journey!

That’s where the soon-to-open Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile comes into play! While the property in Kanab on Highway 89/300 West is not the only pet-friendly lodging place in town, it certainly is the newest!

Best Friends founders and property developers, construction crew and staff have really thought of everything to make the human and animal experience positive there! Of course, all buildings and lodging areas are pet-friendly… there’s a large pet park, complete with a water feature, a grooming area for cleaning up your pet...and the list goes on and on. There is also a stage on the property that will host some entertainment, as well as occasional animal education programs.

The whole idea of the pet-friendly property, which will be open to the general public for lodging (donors and volunteers can qualify for a reduced rate), was when several of the Best Friends Animal Society founders heard the former Four Seasons Motel was for sale. They talked about a couple of property uses, but then decided to pursue it as a lodging facility.

“We see it as an expansion of what we already have to offer at the Sanctuary,” explained Brooks Bradbury, new Director of Hospitality at the Roadhouse and Mercantile. “At Best Friends they have four cabins, eight cottages and six RV sites, all with a 97 percent occupancy rate! With the increase of volunteers and visitors, more accommodations were needed.”

Best Friends Animal Society tapped Bradbury, who has experience with years of running and managing lodging properties. “My wife and I have lived in a number of different locations, including Colorado. We’ve had the pleasure of opening several other hotel properties. Our most recent assignment was the Primland Property in southern Virginia.”

A Best Friends board member reached out to him to see if he would consider coming to southern Utah. He agreed, and Bradbury is now overseeing the completion of the Roadhouse and Mercantile!

“The Roadhouse will be a 40 room lodging property, with the rooms varying in sizes according to room occupants,” explained Bradbury. “It will also include a beautiful, roomy Mercantile, where guests can enjoy a small complimentary continental breakfast, while visiting with other animal lovers.”

“Both the Roadhouse and the Mercantile will be managed by Best Friends Animal Society,” said Bradbury. “We see it as an extension of our existing hospitality, providing an in-town experience for our guests. They will be nearby to shop at gift stores, eat at great local restaurants, and buy groceries at the supermarkets.”

As for the lodging itself, there will be 30 guest rooms that will be approximately 400 square feet, and eight king suites that are 500 square feet and above. There will also be two, multi-level suites.

“We would like to refer to our lodging properties as ‘pet centric,’” said Bradbury. “Details have been included to make the most of the stay here, and make it a great experience for both travelers and their pets.”

The Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile is planning on a September 30 soft-opening, if everything goes as scheduled.

“We hope a guest staying with their pet here at the Roadhouse will enjoy all that Kanab has to offer, and learn more about and strengthen their relationships with Best Friends,” concluded Bradbury.