For the upcoming 2020 year, the Kane County Office of Tourism recently received word of a $274,640 match in cooperative marketing funds from the Utah Office of Tourism Board. Cooperative marketing funds, or “co-op” funds, are used to help areas in Utah increase tourism from out-of-state visitors. 

Normally, due to the number of applicants and limited funds, each qualifying applicant only receives from 70 to 85 percent of what was requested, up to $275,000. However, for 2020, the Kane County Office of Tourism received the full amount requested, allowing the office to expand its marketing efforts in 2020.

The co-op funds awarded to Kane County will be used to promote a fun campaign celebrating the Kanab Sesquicentennial in 2020.

“We’ve got some great stories to share with visitors and it’s a great time to share those during Kanab’s 150th birthday,” said Camille Johnson Taylor, Executive Director of the Kane County Office of Tourism.

Part of the grant will also provide out of state advertising money for some of our key county-run events including Balloons & Tunes, Western Legends and the Kanab Treasure Quest.

The Utah Office of Tourism Board designates co-op funds in order to partner with counties and increase the number of out-of-state visitors to Utah by leveraging out-of-state marketing dollars. These efforts have increased brand awareness for both Kane County and the State of Utah.  

The most recent information shows in 2017, visitors to Utah spent $9.15 billion, which generated $1.34 billion in state and local tax revenue. That money not only supported 147,800 jobs, but also saved each Utah household $1,375 in taxes.

According to the Utah Office of Tourism, they have funded 605 applications to date, totaling $30,038,851 in grants, which has extended the state’s brand to $60,077,702 in out-of-state marketing dollars.

For the Kanab Sesquicentennial in 2020, new retro-style creative is being produced, and new itinerary-driven native content is being commissioned, to continue to celebrate our ideal base camp location in the middle of the greatest concentration of natural wonders, plus our fascinating history, with tangible locations in the itineraries for visitors to experience our history.