A public hearing was held concerning the issuance of Lease Revenue Bonds not to exceed $18,000,000 for the purpose of financing public safety facilities and related improvements for use by Kane County; funding a deposit to a debt service reserve fund, if desirable, funding capitalized interest, if desirable, and paying issuance expenses on the bonds, and the economic impact that the improvements proposed to be financed with the bonds will have on the private sector.

Bond Attorney Eric Johnson, from Salt lake City answered questions on the bond for the proposed 200 bed jail facility.   The facility will also house the Sheriff’s office and other public entities.  The Community Impact Board (CIB) loan is for $7.5 million at 2.5% interest, with interest only payments the first five years.  The county will be required to have an  extra 10% as a rainy day fund, and they will have to borrow extra to make the first few payments.   One the building is occupied, the building should pay for itself with rental to state inmates and some state offices.

 When asked by Cloyd Chamberlain if the State will have a supply of inmates to fill the facility.  Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover, answered the state is telling them they really need space now.  For the state it is cheaper, and for the county it will bring in revenue.  All present had a positive attitude about the new jail and it was stated that the county is overdue because of the overcrowding.  No action was taken.

 The Commission did approve a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a public safety facility.  They also approved seeding a construction management service.

 The Municipal Building Authority (Commissioners) heard updates on the hangar and the Emergency Medical Training Facility.  There were several change orders approved: concrete pad, delivery costs of building and extra plumbing.  The cost was covered in the contingency fund which was set aside for change orders.  They have kept in their budget.

 The Land Use Authority requested minor revisions to the land use ordinance.  There are “no substantive changes,”

 On the regular agenda, the commission unanimously pass Resolution 2009-21, pledging if needed additional financing ( from federal mineral leases) if needed and they don’t get the additional grant the county applied for.  That is to guarantee payment if there is a shortfall.

 Tom Stephens, Swains Creek , requested that the county bring a road, considered private by the county, up to standard and be maintained.   Stephens maintained the Water Conservancy District represented the road would be maintained.  The Commission asked him to work with the county road crew and fire district on what needs to be done.  The property owners will need to bear the cost to bring the road up to standard.  It was also suggested they meet with the Water Conservancy District and clarify with them.

 A state assessed delinquent tax appeal of $60.12 by Kaneco Products was dismissed at the recommendation of County Treasurer Georgia Baca.

 A conflict with property owners at the Stewart Duck Creek Subdivision.  It is unapproved at this time because an issue needs to be resolved over easement ownership.  Is it the county or the subdivision?  Although the property owner signed over the easement to Kane County, the county never approved.  The access road is inadequate for county standards.

 Attorney Ed Robbins stated that “the subdivision has paid the bond and has been accepted by the county.  Therefore it is a county problem” The issue continued in closed session.

 The commission voted aye for their 10 Kanab Irrigation Shares for the proposed change that all irrigation holders were asked to vote.

 Nancy Beckham was hired to replace retiring Carolyn Johnson in the Justice Court.

 Wally Gibson was appointed as the County Representative for the Human Services.

 Canyon Lands Resolution 2009-20 calling for a Special Service District was approved.  Canyon Lands can better handle issues they are dealing with in their boundaries.  A public hearing was set for October 5, 2009, at the County Commission Chambers at 3:30 p.m.

 There is an issue regarding the liaison versus line of authority between the Volunteer Center and Five County Organization.  One fourth of Five County Volunteer Hours come from Kane County.  However the county is in danger of funding because it is low in Senior Companions and Foster Grandparents categories.  That was dealt with in closed session.