The majority of people who aren’t related and will not profit from the Southern Red Sands project do not want it here! Why? It will be a visual parasite, drain our water supply and create traffic congestion!

I haven’t written much about my husband and my personal opinion about the Southern Red Knolls sand excavation project. I love new businesses, and respect their right to do different things, even when I don’t agree with the project. 

As the editor of the Southern Utah News for 27 years, I made a choice not to comment on this issue. I wanted the residents and people to speak, concerning the project. Dennis and I are from Wisconsin, many issues out west confound us ... water, especially! 

So, why would a desert community sell off their precious water? All governing entities agreed to it, by the way! Why would a county that’s lobbying for a pipeline want to sell off its water and then pay for the Lake Powell Pipeline? Ridiculous and irresponsible behavior! 

Why would a city that encourages conservation, and has its own water issues, sell off its water? Crazy! What a legacy they will leave for their children and grandchildren – sorry kids – they sold off your water!

But wait, the people did speak to the Kanab City Council, Kane County Commission, and the Kane County Water Conservancy District! Most everyone said a strong ‘no’! Best Friends, the largest Kane County employer, is also asking that the project be reconsidered. Many letters have been written regarding economic and health concerns.

The fact is the only ones to benefit from this venture are related, venture capitalists from Salt Lake City and beyond. But they defend it, based because it’s on SITLA lands and will benefit our school children. I call bull on that! Oh wait, maybe small change from SITLA will go to our schools (the school revenue is not based on location, but rather distributed over the entire state of Utah school’s population). And, the monies are a pittance of what is taken in, from raping the county’s resources. 

Kane County will not be a huge recipient of anything! This project will be of little benefit to Kane County, other than to take our water, mar our scenery and increase truck traffic on our roads. We will get nothing from it!