There has been a committee formed to create a Veterans Monument for Long Valley. It will be built using only donations. If you or a family member ever served in the military, and you live in or are from any town in Long Valley, we would like to have your or your family member’s name on this monument.

The construction details have not been worked out yet, pending funding. The monument will be located in Orderville, but will represent all of Long Valley.

This project is being sponsored by the Town of Orderville, and includes members from Glendale and Alton on the committee. Please donate to the cause!

You can donate at the town office in Orderville or at any upcoming event or function. There will also be donation cans placed for convenience.

We would like to thank those who made the Memorial Day auction in Orderville a success. The fundraising goal is $80,000, and so far we have brought in $12,000. But we still have a long way to go!

Please help us honor the Veterans of Long Valley. There will be more fundraising events coming up in the future, so any participation will be appreciated.