On a back street in Glendale, Utah, at 15 S. Berryville, an interesting structure is presently standing. A sign in front of the building in big bold letters – “Envasa Casa” – describes the building, interpreted as, Container Home.

It is difficult to imagine the standing structure was once six empty metal carrier containers. At present, the building is a fully functional four bedroom, three bath, two-story structure, with a laundry room and huge gaming room. The amazing part, Jarad and Kristy Brinkerhoff and their four children were the construction crew. With minimal help from others, this hard-working family accomplished a major feat.

Upon entering the ground level, one could immediately conclude a professional interior designer had decorated the house. The design of “industrial look,” enhancing the metal, set off by the refinished original wood floors of the containers, seemed to magnify the magical touches throughout the home. Everything from metal pipe fittings/wood shelves, mirrors decorated with metal gears of different sizes, plus a spiral metal staircase leading to the upper level, were the actual design of Kristy’s. She is a great interior designer in her own right, as she brought her own interpretation of industrial design to the beautifully decorated home.

The recent completion of the structure was also the completion of a dream of Jarad’s. He had looked into a few container homes and decided he could accomplish his goal of building one. Now, 16 years later, this dream has been fulfilled. The dream would also become a reality of hard work, teaching his children to overcome tough obstacles. Realizing that this would unite his family, he and his wife Kristy pursued the dream.

During the last year and a half, the ground was prepped, and six, 40-foot containers would arrive on semis from California. Local contractors lifted and placed the containers with sky tracks. Then, three containers were bound together and welded to the foundation. The tops of the containers were welded all the way down the container sides. The last three containers were sky lifted, forming the upper story and welded in like manner, bringing it all together as one unit.

From September 1, 2017, to May 2019, the dream was built one step at a time. Footings were dug, containers set and welded, windows cut, framing and furring of walls and electrical and plumbing lines roughed in.

Following that insulation, drywall, painting, floor work and interior doors, the electrical and plumbing fixtures were installed, and the exterior finished.

One might ask how two parents, both with jobs outside of the home while maintaining a household, could possible tackle a seemingly insurmountable task of completing the container house.  The answer seems to be within the dream, a goal and a family willing to sacrifice to bring it all together.

The children – Kelsey, Bryce, Kaylee and Kenzee – all agreed they learned so much from their dedication, hard work and willingness to strive for success. Bryce, the only boy, concluded that the grinding of the metal and the sanding was a very challenging job. The oldest daughter Kelsey took an old barn door to the high school shop and refinished the door, which now serves as a slider between the dining room and bedroom area. The two younger girls, Kaylee and Kenzee, were busy helping clean up, sweeping, running tools and supporting in every way possible.

This is a true success story of a family who overcame many obstacles and challenges to finally enjoy the success of building a rental for tourists or family to enjoy. Incidentally, this structure is the largest of its kind in Utah. The Brinkerhoffs are being featured in “Container Home Magazine.”

Jarad and Kristy are very humble about their success, giving credit to all those who helped with the construction of their new home. They would like to share their experience with everyone. Come to an open house on Thursday, June 20, from 1 to 8 p.m. to share their dream.

A quote by William Adams may sum it all up.  “You can have anything you want – If you want it badly enough. Be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish, if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.”   

Unknown quote – “Some men dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and DO IT.”