My friend, retired Colonel Lloyd Laycook, has gone to fly in other skies. He has taken his small body and giant courage to a further realm. He has gone around a bend in the river and, as of yet, I cannot follow.

I loved you, Lloyd, as a brother loves a brother. We may well have flown the very same skies. You often said you felt in your gut that we had known each other a long, long time before our meeting here in Kanab; that we had been buddies in a prior age, somewhere, sometime, somehow. I do believe you, Lloyd.

A long forgotten poet, probably a flyboy, once wrote. “An airman’s universe? It’s up where the vapor trails form and the mist between life and death is very thin.” I’m quite sure that’s where Lloyd is right now, up where the vapor trails form!

Lloyd, you had a heart far bigger than your small body, comprised mostly of humbleness and red, raw guts! Fear was something to be conquered and used as a stimulant.

Unlike the boast of a certain airline, the skies you flew were not at all friendly. Quite deadly to be exact! Yet, the Man upstairs knows, despite the extreme deadly danger, you guarded well your family, your God, and your country. That God has now put you safely in His pocket.

We will catch up bye and bye, Lloyd, probably at 40,000 feet. Yes, up where the vapor trails form.

The Babe and I love you Lloyd. Wherever you are, please, dip your wings.