Hello Kane County! I am from Kanab. I graduated from KHS last year and am honored to have held the title of Miss Kane County for the 2018-19 year! I love Kane County and am so excited to promote my platform: Random Acts of Kindness.

Kindness is something I am very passionate about and believe is important. I chose this platform because I’ve seen first-hand how kindness can touch the lives of others, as well as myself.

I found a national organization called Random Acts of Kindness that celebrates kindness all across America. I loved the idea and decided to take it locally. To do this, I am proposing a challenge that I would love for our community to participate in.

This is a five-week challenge that focuses on thinking outside of yourself and lifting others. I believe an act of kindness, no matter how big or small, is ever wasted. Every kind act matters.

My goal is to inspire the people of Kane County to think outside their selves and show more kindness.

Here’s how it works. For five weeks, focus on an act of kindness to do one week at a time.

Choose some of the five shown here each week, or make up one of your own!

1. Write a letter to someone you love and appreciate and send positive text messages to your contacts.

2. Pay for something, whether it’s groceries, the check at a restaurant or even just a coke.

3. Do a job for free (babysitting, lawn mowing, etc).

4. Make a new friend, smile at everyone you see, and compliment at least five people a day. Don’t just think a compliment, say it!

5. Put your phone away in the company of others and spend more time with family and friends.

Of course, there are a million other kind things to choose from, and they don’t need to be something big. In my experience, it’s the simple things that mean the most. The goal is to be more conscious of our actions and look out for each other as a community.

The feeling after doing or witnessing an act of kindness is contagious. There are so many benefits from being kind that make us healthier and happier people.

We like a good challenge here in Kane County, so I would love it if we could all participate in the Random Acts of Kindness challenge. There is no prize except a healthier and happier you, and of course an even more loving community.

Kindness spreads like wildfire and causes a domino effect that inspires people everywhere to pay it forward. I believe we can make the world a better place with kindness, and it can start in Kane County.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. I have enjoyed representing this place I call home.