The Sighthound Shivoo 2019 was one fun event after another. There was a chalk art event on the sidewalks in front of Denny’s Wigwam displaying greyhound graffiti. There was a parade down Center Street with a variety of costumes. There was a paint your pet or greyhound at the old middle school.

The rain clouds stopped long enough for the event to be a great success. I love seeing all the greyhounds, enjoying a life relaxing, no longer racing.

Claudia Presto puts her heart and soul into the weekend of events filled with greyhounds/sighthounds from all over the United States, and international too. They have been rescued from a life of racing.

I always enjoy this event because of the dogs. They are funny and regal. And the rooing is the best to listen to as they lift their heads up and howl to their heart’s content.