The Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District (CMFPD) is holding a Public Hearing on Saturday, May 30, at 6 p.m., at Fire Station 1 in Duck Creek Village, located at 3620 Mammoth Creek Road, to inform property owners about plans to modernize its 25 year-old Fire Station 1 and construct a new fire station in the Swain’s Creek Pines subdivision (see the Legal Notices section of this issue for meeting details).

This project will provide the district’s first responders and volunteers a modern facility to work in, store fire apparatus out of the elements, mitigate firefighter and administrative staff exposure to carcinogens, and meet the needs of the district for the next 25 years.

Benefits to the community include more space for public meetings, special events and reduced fire insurance rates. With the improvement in emergency response time associated with the project, the performance of this rural fire district will rival that of larger cities and positively impact property values.

The Service Improvement Project (SIP) was made possible by the purchase of 9.3 acres from Kane County as a result of the Townsite Act that Fire Station 1 is situated on. This land was previously leased from the Dixie National Forest Service preventing construction on the property. The new fire station is being made possible by the generous donation of 1.5 acres in the Swain’s Creek Pines subdivision by Joyce Barney, the daughter of Barbara Christenson, the original owner and developer of the subdivision.

Station 1 modernization adds three drive-through vehicle storage bays to house the new Timberwolf fire engines recently acquired by the district. Offices for the Chief and Deputy Chief, six private bunkrooms for first responders and volunteer firefighters are part of the upgrade. The remainder of the station will be upgraded to meet modern fire station architectural design standards. The project will increase the Fire Station 1 footprint from 4,169 sq. ft. to 8,330 sq. ft.

The new fire station will be located just inside the entrance to the Swain’s Creek Pines subdivision located approximately 1.5 miles south of SR 14. The new fire station will support volunteer firefighters living in the eastern portion of the district and locate fire engines closer to homes in Strawberry Valley, Zions View Mountain Estates, Swains Creek Pines, Ponderosa Ranch, and Elk Ridge Estates.

This fire station will also serve as an Emergency Operation Center supporting Utah and Federal Emergency Management agencies during major disasters like the recent Shingle and Brian Head Fires. The existing runway can be used by these agencies to fly in personnel and emergency supplies urgently required. The footprint of the new station will be 5,048 sq.ft.

Additional information about the project will be presented at the public hearing, including fire station designs, construction cost estimates, project schedules and funding plans.

Emergency services from the CMFPD can be obtained by contacting the Kane County Sheriff Dispatcher by dialing 911. For non-emergency issues, call Station 1 at (435)682-3225 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. At other times, the non-emergency phone will be answered by on-duty firefighters.