What began as an economic outreach by the Kane County Commission to ‘under-served’ areas of Kane County has become an enormous partnership that will make headlines everywhere. Big plans, enormous operation!

Welcome to the East Zion Project!

Mastermind (or early mind)behind it was former Commissioner Dirk Clayson. He refers to it as the ‘East Zion Initiative.’ He said the commission was looking at ways to stimulate the county’s economy in other directions, focusing on the ranching aspect, as well as tourism.

“We looked at our county,” said Clayson, who the county now hires as a paid contractor. “Kanab has done well, so we looked at the other areas of the county to see different opportunities.”

The East Zion Initiative was born.

“In East Zion, we had a big opportunity,” said Clayson. “We have partners who have offered big opportunities and great relationships, along with private landowners who also want to provide sustainable growth that compliments our economic strategy. Farm and ranch overlay with tourism. We must retain our heritage. We have struggled for a long time how to benefit our county. There’s just a lot of opportunity here, and we’ve got excitement from everyone involved.”

Keep reading! We will take you through the awesome partnerships that will make this project come to fruition in a three-part series, starting next week.