So let''s go back several years ago. a man and his company offered and made a plan for the city''s future...let''s just call it a charette, as it were. They had all the answers on how our city should look. They were providing this service to the city from the kindness of their hearts.

            How odd that now seems.

            Building anything certainly does create impact. We all know that. There are services and infrastructure that must be provided when building occurs. It makes sense that the builder or new homeowner pays the costs of services needed when they''ve made the impact. If that doesn''t happen, the existing taxpayers must absorb the new costs.

            The City Council has gone back and forth on the issue of impact fees. This mayor and most city council members, made it their business to point out how the previous administration had failed, and how they were going to address the problem differently.They embraced the large impact fees, saying that it was their responsibility to do so.

            They approved a huge levy of impact fees, increasing on a graduated basis. The numbers seemed high and unreasonable for our area, but they stuck with them. Builders, developers and individual homeowners paid them, because that was the cost of building here.

            Where''s the improved infrastructure that those fees paid for? Should builders who paid them be getting reimbursements for the high impact fees?

            Now the City Council has given the fees a hiatus. You can build to your heart''s content for the next six months without paying an impact fee.

            How ridiculous is that? We would like to thank Nina Laycook for using her head, and chastise the other council members for their ridiculous votes.The economy is obviously down. I understand that the council felt that the fee hiatus would stimulate more building. But the economy will come back, as it always does.             And what have you done to help things along? Made Kanab''s current residents pay for the impact of any new building.

            One can only make the leap that it''s payback time...for the free charette.