Kane County Attorney Robert Van Dyke said that after meeting with officials with the Utah Highway Patrol and reviewing evidence of an auto-pedestrian accident that took the life of a Washington state woman, it is likely no charges will be filed against the teenage driver.

Van Dyke said he reviewed three videos of the April 17 accident captured by service station cameras that convinced him that combined with the angle of sunlight blinding the driver’s vision, the incident was just a tragic accident.

Phyllis L. Pyle, 80, Auburn, Washington, was killed while crossing state Route 89A from west to east at the intersection with state Route 89 at 6:45 p.m. when a Ford truck heading west on state Route 89 turned south onto SR 89A and struck her.

Her husband managed to jump out of the way of the turning truck and was not injured. Pyle was transported to Kanab Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Van Dyke said two other vehicles turning in front of the teenager’s Ford truck narrowly missed the couple, probably because of the blinding sun. He said shadows cast by the vehicles as seen on the videos confirmed the low angle of the sunlight.

Van Dyke said he is still awaiting the final report from UHP, but does not plan on filing any charges.

He said because of a number of accidents and near accidents occurring at the intersection, UHP will likely ask the state to install an additional turn arrow at the intersection.

UHP Sgt. Lamar Heaton, who investigated the fatality, said it is important for drivers to be aware of the sun’s angle and always look two or three times for pedestrians when turning at the intersection.